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Option Réel International

Option Réel has introduced an English speaking department to help non-French residents who own rental property in France navigate and manage their French tax obligations.

Our accounting team, specialized in furnished rental property, carefully handles all your French tax returns enabling you to invest in French property in complete serenity wherever you are in the world.

Who is Option Réel?

Option Réel is specialized in accounting for owners of furnished rental property. Our team of accountants assists with your French tax obligations using the Réel Simplifié tax regime for your rental properties.

The Réel Simplifié tax regime applies to you if…

  • You are the owner of an unfurnished rental property
  • You are the owner of a furnished rental property
  • You are the owner of a short-term or long-term seasonal rental
  • You are the owner of a vacation rental
  • You are the owner of a secondary residence that you rent a few weeks per year
  • You are the owner of a rural gite or a tourist classed furnished rental property

How does the Réel Simplifié tax regime allow me to not pay taxes on my furnished rental income?

The idea is simple: furnished or seasonal real estate is amortized thanks to the Réel tax regime.

Option Réel, an accounting firm specialized in Furnished and Seasonal Rental Property

Registered by the College of Experts – Accountants of Paris – Ile de France, Immokip Compta specializes in handling all the French tax obligations for non-French residents owning a furnished or seasonal rental or leaseback property:

  • Carries out all legal formalities with the French tax administration when you buy a French leaseback property
  • Establishes your French tax returns
  • Ensures a quarterly VAT refund during construction of your leaseback property

With more than 10,000 clients all over France and in the world, Option Réel is the leading accounting firm dedicated to furnished rental property owners. We are also the proud partners of the top real estate development firms in France as well as national and international banks.

Option Réel offers a completely online service available at any moment, allowing you to choose, in real time and with the assistance of our expert advisors, the most advantageous fiscal regime for your furnished or seasonal rental.